“Strength and honour are her clothing; she shall rejoice in time to come”.  Proverbs 31:25 KJV

Cheryl M. Scott is a well-known personal effectiveness Life Coach and an Ordained Minister. She is a Native of De Kalb, MS and a former member of the Mt. Salem M.B. Church, where she served on the ministerial team and played a significant role in the youth ministry. She is the wife Tony Scott and mother of three beautiful children.

Cheryl is a member of pertinent organizations in both Life Coaching and Ministry. She is the Founder of Cheryl Scott Ministries (CSM) a 501c3 non-profit organization designed to empower and promote self-awareness confidence for women to improve their quality of life. The ministry helps young and mature women walk with authority and be who God has predestined them to be through ministry and life coaching. The ministry teaches women four principles that it takes; Courage to stand for what you believe in, Strength to step out on Faith, Motivation to keep growing in Christ while investing in your success and Confidence to know that through Christ you can achieve the impossible.

In one of Cheryl’s recent sessions, she was asked what is the “why” behind you starting your organizations. Her response “My why is to let people know that there is light on the other side of their pain as long as they don’t give up. Overcoming many obstacles and trying challenges in my life, I refused to allow those challenges to define me. I had a choice to change my situation. I choose not to become a victim but an overcomer. When life deals me a dirty hand I reshuffle the deck and push through it”. Cheryl’s testimonies have allowed her to use them as teaching methods for mentoring women and youth in the right direction.

Cheryl is a vision seeker and diligently works her ministries with excellence alongside her husband. She is the founder of YB4C (Young & Bold For Christ). It is a ministry designed to lead youth in the right direction in their schooling, choosing the right career path and searching for opportunities in their field of choice. The ministry allows youth to express themselves through song and dance, as well as, teaching them that they can have fun while being young and serving God.

Outside of Ministry, Cheryl has a degree in Culinary Arts. She uses her passion, along with her exceptional skill for cooking, as a tool for teaching and ministering. Cheryl and her husband are also business owners. Her ultimate goal is to help lead, by example: today’s youth, and women to their best life, through Christ Jesus! You may often hear her say, “When it’s all said and done, I just want God to be pleased with me”.